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YUNNAN Jibian High Mountain Tea "Spring Rain" Fresh Oolong Tea 256g/Box

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Tea Name: 
Jibian High Mountain Tea Chinese "Spring Rain" Fresh Oolong Box Tea Helps Digestion
Production Date: This year
Shelf Life: 36 months
Net Weight: 256g  ,(32bags x 8g).
Tea Origin: TENG CHONG, Yunnan, China
A kind high mountain Taiwan oolong tea, material was comes from mountain above 1900 meters, and you will find some stems when brewing oolong tea because our oolong loose leaf is hand-picked - all of real high mountain oolong tea are hand-made at every step. This tea already got a SGS filed so it is a safe tea.
Dried tea leaves is strong, with a delicate aroma, yellow infusion, smells a string floral flavor, taste brisk and fresh, mellow, and a sweet mouth feeling back to your tongue lasts long.

Notes:  We will be sure that the package is vacuum before sending it. But if you find it not completely vacuum, it is a normal phenomenon caused by the delivery. Don't worry, the tea is still fresh. Thank you for your understanding!



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