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Red Ginseng Slices Dry Ginseng Root 10 Years Healthy Of Herbs 100g High Quality

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100g Special Offer 10 Years Dry Ginseng Root Slices Red Ginseng Slices,Male Health Of Herbal Medicine


Ginseng consumption method

1, stew.
The ginseng cut into 2cm slices, into the bowl, filled with water, sealed sized, placed in the pot steaming stew can take four to five hours.
2, chewing.
2 to 3 ginseng in the mouth ponder, fluid refreshing, Ganliang delicious, is the easiest way of taking.
3, milling.
The ginseng ground into a fine powder, swallow every day, the amount depending on the individual constitution, generally each to 1.5 grams.
4, tea.
The ginseng sliced, placed in a bowl or cup, with boiling water, boring cover can be taken after 5 minutes.
5, sparkling wine.
The whole ginseng roots can be sliced into the bottle with 50 to 60 degrees of liquor soaked daily pour love taking.
6, stew food.
Ginseng is often accompanied by some at the time of eating bitterness, if ginseng and lean meat, chicken, fish and other cooked stew together, can eliminate bitterness, nourishing the physical

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